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Down to Earth Nature's Role in American History Book 3rd Edition

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The Role of Nature and Human Agency in American History – American Environments to

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Drogan on Steinberg, 'Down to Earth: Nature's Role in American History'

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Environment and History. William Beinart. The Agony of an American Wilderness. Written with exceptional clarity, Down to Earth re-envisions the story of America "from the ground up. Examining such familiar topics as colonization, the industrial revolution, slavery, the Civil War, and the emergence of modern-day consumer culture, Steinberg recounts how the natural world influenced the course of human history.

From the colonists' attempts to impose order on the land to modern efforts to sell the wilderness as a consumer good, the author reminds readers that many critical episodes in our history were, in fact, environmental events. He highlights the ways in which we have attempted to reshape and control nature, from Thomas Jefferson's surveying plan, which divided the national landscape into a grid, to the transformation of animals, crops, and even water into commodities.

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