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Aug 08, Darlene I read to many boooks rated it it was ok Shelves: cocky-motherfucker , dom , spoilers , bdsm-ish , fast-read , over-the-top , romance , dirty-talking. And a couple who has some time together!! I didn't read the first book due to.. Jamie and Ryan have been together for few years and Ryan thinks its time to make that step in asking his woman to marry him.

Jamie has some "i do" issues due to her parents..


View all 7 comments. Feb 17, Chantal Rodriguez rated it it was amazing. I love, love this series, and these novellas are just perfect.

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I truly can never get enough of the whole gang. As always, J Kenner give us a hot and steamy read.

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No matter what she give us, she always amazes me with her story's! This is Jamie and Ryan's story! Its nice to see what they've been up to. I love Jaime, she's a little spitfire!

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I'm so happy she gets her own story. And Ryan Hunter, man what's not to like about him! Always so dominant, so loving, just so Alfa! I just love these two. A lover, a friend. He sees a girl he can laugh with. That he can talk to. A women to spend long, lazy nights with. A women with hopes and dreams and fears and doubts.

Each characters brings something, but these two are just so perfect together. He understands her and she loves him more than she never thought possible. Love for Jaime was not on her list of things, but Hunter comes and changes up her world. Feb 25, Laurie rated it it was amazing. I have loved each book in J. Which may be why I loved Tempt Me so very much!! In these pages, we get to see just how much Jamie Archer h I have loved each book in J.

In these pages, we get to see just how much Jamie Archer has grown from her wild child days. She is strong, sexy and smart. But it is the love that she shares with Ryan Hunter that really makes my heart sing. These two are connected, heart and soul, with a love that pulses off the page. So, good!!! Happy reading!! I volunteered to review an ARC.

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I haven't read this series yet and this is my first of the author but I am so very pleased to say that I enjoyed this book. Ryan Hunter is the epitome of a book husband yes, not book boyfriend.

Deliciously sexy, alpha, patient and has a huge heart for love. He's very committed to Jamie even when the girl still refuses to marry him. She has reasons. He knows how to bring her pleasure and pain. And his love for her is truly heartfelt, went beyond the pages. Jamie, I volunteered to review an ARC. Jamie, on the other hand, is scared that marriage will change things between them. For the record, I believe she really loves Ryan. It's just that she couldn't come to terms with the depth of Ryan's love for her.

That Ryan needs that label. Not because of anything but just because the guy loves her hard. From what I gathered while reading, they've been together for years two, I think and they truly love each other, no doubt about that. This is enough time for Jamie to get her bearings together, work out on her fear of marriage but still she didn't want to cross that final line with Ryan.

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It also didn't help that her parents whom she thought was forever in love was separating. That shook her foundation twice as hard, making her doubt things again. This was where I almost dragged her by the hair and pull her to Ryan's side because she's freaking stubborn and blindsided by her fear. She was that frustrating and I couldn't really blame Ryan for issuing an ultimatum.

In the end, I was satisfied that Ryan also apologized for doing what he did ultimatum to Jamie because it was unfair to her and the love that Ryan showed in the beginning of the book shone out more brightly when the story was about to be wrapped up. Because he did understand and he'd take Jamie, ready or not for marriage.

And finally, Jamie's heart convinced her head that Ryan was worth it. Tempt Me is absolutely decadent and romantic with all the sexy things. Due to a very little BDSM it has, this book is suitable for mature readers. Feb 14, Sandy S rated it really liked it. As per J. The premise is provocative; the romance is sexy and hot; the characters are familiar and engaging. Feb 11, Mom's Guilty Pleasure rated it it was amazing. I wait anxiously for the each of her book releases. Although this is a short read it delivers huge.

There is strength, uncertainty, friendship, connection, love, sexiness and anticipation. As hot and steamy as these two get I did need to grab some tissues. Tempt me may be read as a stand alone, but you won't want to miss out on the the rest of this series or the ones prior to it. Jamie would mess around with guys without ever letting anyone of them get too close. She felt if you let them get too close, you could end up getting hurt. But then Hunter came along and broke through her defenses.

All of her defenses. In her heart. In her head. He makes her feel alive, on fire, turned on, but mostly Hunter makes her feel loved and cherished. If you have a man that makes you feel that way why does Jamie keep turning down his proposals? Because what had started with the vibe of a fight now has the putrid scent of forever. He understands why she had reservations about marriage in the past. He understands, but isn't accepting it.