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You can do this. Let me help! By subscribing to our newsletter, you consent to receive new post updates and occasional promotional emails related to our company. Here are my thoughts Thrive should carry St,.

What Does "Organic" and "Natural" Mean in the U.S.?

Amour vegan cookies and sugar free granola. It can smack your account just when you least expect it! I just want to say that I signed up for the free day trial. You have to contact them. So I did — I live chatted. Did I get the email? Was my subscription cancelled.

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So then I had to reach out to them by email. We occasionally receive a high volume of requests from our members and it may take up to 24 hours for us to read and respond to everyone. Not okay. I am suspicious of anyone who makes it this hard to cancel a membership. But I agree that making canceling easy needs to be a priority with all of these companies. Thanks for your feedback. Thrive Market should definitely offer free shipping on all orders with that high of a membership fee.

In conclusion

Thanks for this review!! They say that every membership gives a family in need a free membership. I find that difficult to swallow. Thrive should donate that money or products to a food kitchen where it would do more good.

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I actually was approved for a free membership, all I buy from them is nutritional yeast, Brami Lupini snacks and Wonder noodles. Pretty much everything else I can get in store. Their prices are not comparable to in store verses having them right away when you purchase in store. Informative review. I would add to the Pros list that their packing is amazing. Our daughter sends us packages, and bread, crackers, etc have all arrived without a crumb. Our cats love the boxes and the packing material.

When I saw that, I thought about friends who would love the products. Thanks for this review. I have been looking into different options for getting food to my door. I am pinched on time. I do have a question? Does Thrive have any way to save a cart, send an automatic shipment?

Or does saving to your favorites mean you can quickly add what you need to a new car?

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I am trying to automate as much of my daily living as I can. Thanks for taking the time to write this for those of us who are researching. Hi Lindsey, I looked into this for you and yes Thrive Market does offer autoship for there products.

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This is great feedback!! And I totally agree, if you use Thrive correctly and plan for things you can actually save a lot of money and time. Thank you, Tammy! This review is very helpful. BTW your blog is very well written, great inspiration for newbies like me, thank you for that too! A really, I think you can find better deals elsewhere without paying a membership fee. While I agree with people who say you can get many of these items on Amazon.

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  • I have Amazon Prime and use it on a daily basis due to the fact that we live rurally. Whenever I order a food item from Amazon, it comes in a box with everything else. I have had a case of canned dog food and bottles of bbq sauce in the same box with one little air bubble or protection. Needless to say, the products are almost always damaged or broken. I will be placing my first order with Thrive. If their packing is appropriate for the product, I definitely will continue shopping with them.

    While I love the convenience of Amazon Prime, I hate the way they pack thier items. I agree Thrive Market is convenient and has specialty items that are sometimes hard to find. However, if the items you buy are basic, it is not a convenient service. You can get groceries delivered in most places nowadays for basic items.

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    I also noted that you mentioned the biggest complaint is that they charge the fee after 30 days. I think they make it difficult for you to cancel. Other services allow you to cancel online, but with Thrive you have to call or email them and request it. That sounds simple enough right?!

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    • Except once you do, they continue to offer you things to not cancel and keep trying the service. They offer you coupons and additional free days to keep you on. I think that is a hassle. Most people know if the service works for them after 30 days. It should not be so difficult to cancel. That may be why people go over the 30 days, then complain about Thrive.

      I would be more hesitant to join a membership if company makes it difficult to cancel. My wife and I are super busy working people in the Bay Area. We have used Thrive delivery for staples like paper towels, coffee, soap and the like. We ordered a box last Saturday and have been waking up and checking the stoop every day since… but nothing there. Yesterday we checked the tracking and our box had moved from Livermore, CA an hour south of here to Arizona! We are excited to cancel this service after our box may finally appear. This is a no brainer in my household. Me and my husband are starting a Keto Lifestyle Diet and we have just been verified as a military member so the membership fee was waived and I am taking advantage of lots of deals and discounts plus the site is very user friendly.